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Catch these 22 catchy taglines

Trying to distill a company's entire vision, purpose, passion and differentiation into one distinct tagline is a daunting task. Just thinking about it gives me the writing sweats. These 22 companies have done it brilliantly. This great HubSpot blog posting takes you through them.


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The pharma brand namers must be on drugs.

We all see the drug commercials on TV. It's hard to ignore the onslaught, all trying to convince us to talk to our doctor about them – even after 45 seconds of listing side effects in a 60-second spot. Thank god I'm not pregnant or nursing.

Recently I’ve seen some really bizarre brand names. Granted, this category has always been famous for them. Big pharma and their agencies have many secret formulas for brand name creation that could only appeal to chemists, medical specialists and...

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6 sure signs that you have a branding problem.

No long-winded listicle here. These 6 signs are short, sweet and to the point.

1. You need to launch a new corporate or product communications program, but you're agonizing over differentiation.

2. You need to overhaul your website, but you're struggling with the "Who We Are" page.

3. All the players in your marketplace seem to be well positioned – expect you.

4. You think a “brand” is just a logo and a tagline.

5. Your people don’t have the same elevator speech.

6. When you...

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