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6 sure signs that you have a branding problem.

6 sure signs that you have a branding problem.

No long-winded listicle here. These 6 signs are short, sweet and to the point.

1. You need to launch a new corporate or product communications program, but you're agonizing over differentiation.

2. You need to overhaul your website, but you're struggling with the "Who We Are" page.

3. All the players in your marketplace seem to be well positioned – expect you.

4. You think a “brand” is just a logo and a tagline.

5. Your people don’t have the same elevator speech.

6. When you ask employees and customers, “Our company or product = ________” you get a blank stare.

It’s easy to confuse a communications challenge with a branding problem. So here’s a good rule of thumb: 
- If you don’t know what to say, you’ve got a communications challenge. 
- If nobody knows who you are, you’ve got a branding problem. 

Your brand is the sum total of everything it stands for. So, what does it stand for? 


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